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Return Material Authorisation  (RMA)

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Return Material Authorisation Request (RMA)

The Return Material Authorisation (RMA) request forms part of CI Systems's after sales services. If you need to return an item for repair or reconfiguration, we request that you complete the RMA form and submit it for the attention of our Quality Department, either by fax or by email.

Fax Number : (+27) (0)21 683 5435
Email : quality@ccii.co.za

The instructions below are based on the CI Systems Return Material Authorisation Procedure.

Please follow the instructions below to ensure that your request is handled most efficiently.

Completion of RMA form :

The RMA can be completed and returned in one of two ways :

1. Email as PDF Attachment
(You will require Adobe Acrobat Writer)

2. Fax
(You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Issuing of RMA Number :

  1. If the submitted RMA form is approved by our Quality Department an RMA number will be allocated to your request.
  2. The approved RMA form containing your RMA number will be returned to you by email in PDF format.
  3. Kindly print, sign and return the form together with your return items.

Shipping Instructions for the Return of Loan or RMA Boards to CI Systems :

  1. Please return goods in original packaging only, since we do not accept responsibility for any damage to goods that have been shipped otherwise.
  2. The very first line on the waybill should read Temporary Importation.
  3. The commercial invoice should also state that it is a Temporary Importation and the reason for shipment should be clear.
    For example :  modification, repair or the return of a loan board to the manufacturer in the country of manufacture.
  4. A nominal value per unit should be provided for customs purposes. High values will otherwise result in high customs charges being levied.
  5. Forward the waybill number or a copy of the waybill to our shipping department (contact details below) as soon as the shipment has been collected.

Handling Fee :

Please note that a handling fee per item will be charged in the following instances :

  • Goods returned outside the warranty period;
  • Goods returned which are found to be faulty as a result of the customer's handling; or>
  • Goods returned which are found not to be faulty.>

Items may be returned under an approved RMA for repair or replacement at CI Systems's sole discretion and not for credit.

Shipment Address :

CCII Systems (Pty) Ltd  (CI Systems)
Real-Time House
Block T Greenford Office Estate
Punters Way
7708 Kenilworth
Cape Town
Republic of South Africa

Tel : (+27) (0)21 683 5490
Fax : (+27) (0)21 683 5435

Contact Person : Samantha Heugh
Contact Email : shipping@ccii.co.za